Large (4-5 people) buffalo steak £9 or 2 for £17
Medium (3-4 people) buffalo steak £7 or 2 for £13
Small (2) buffalo steak £5.50 or 2 for £10

Silverside Roasts – £15 per kg
450g Sausages – £5
450g mince – £6
450g diced buffalo steak – £6
4 x 4oz burgers – £5


80z Rump Steak – £6
8oz Sirloin Steak – £8
8oz Ribeye Steak – £8
8oz Fillet Steak – £11

Haggis Balls in various sizes (price on pack)
4 x Haggis slices (price on pack)
2 x Haggis Olives (price on pack)
2 x Oatmeal Olives (price on pack)

READY MEALS – feeds 1-2 people
Crofters pie – mince, haggis and pea. Topped with tatties and grated cheese.
Lasagne – buffalo mince.
£4:50 introductory offer

Our Farm Shop

All of our meats are from animals reared on our farm.  Why Buffalo?  Because Buffalo is leaner, lower in cholesterol, has fewer calories … and tastes amazing! We have buffalo everything … buffalo steaks, buffalo joints, buffalo mince, buffalo burgers, buffalo pies, buffalo pies … as well as many other types of meats. 

We keep a very limited  supply currently so if you want to know what is available please send us a message via facebook to ensure that someone is around and that the products are in stock.  You can collect from the Farm (and take a tour of our farm and meet our animal friends).  

Thorabella Farm

Dallas, Moray IV36 2RZ
Telephone: 07753 383409
EMAIL: Thorabella_farm@outlook.com
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